Windy City!

I started this adventure to Chicago with just one mission in mind- and that was to find DEEP DISH PIZZA! I had 12 hours to fulfill my mission and actually did a lot more than stuffed my face with pizza.

My 1st place of business was BREAKFAST! I decided on Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe. Its located a few blocks from Millennium Park and it did not disappoint. The service was amazing and the food was excellent. They give you huge portions so please be aware of that and dont wear skinny jeans because you will pop out of them . <script async src=""></script>

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After that I walked a few blocks to Millennium Park for the infamous photo-op at The Bean.

Behind the sculpture is a beautiful skyline of Chicago and of course hundreds of tourists are all around snapping photos. It's totally free and there are also a lot more to see such as the Crown Fountains and more!

After snapping my photos, I caught a 10 minute ride in an Uber to the Navy Pier. The Navy Pier is a must-see on any visit to Chicago. You can ride the Ferris wheels while overlooking Lake Michigan , eat, shop, duck into the Children's Museum or hop on the many tour boats.

I spent a lot of time walking around and then I decided to hop on the Seadog Speedboat! We sped all around Lake Michigan as the tour guide pointed out famous buildings to us! It was so windy and cold,I think I lost my hat!

Chicago is known for their deep dish pizza so I searched high and low for the perfect spot to try out for the first time. I decided to try Lou Malnati's Pizzeria. It was so freaking good! You don't need to ask for extra cheese in the pizza because its loaded with cheese. I couldn't even finish the personal size pizza. I literally had to save a slice to warm up for my Mom in Atlanta!

I also tried Garret's Popcorn for the 1st time as well. I went in to simply sample and walked out with a big bag of 'Chicago Mix' to accompany me on the plane ride back to Atlanta.

Overall I would definetly go back to Chicago in the summertime. I hear they have a lot of summer concerts that are free so SIGN ME UP!

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