New Orleans Day Trip!

My day trip to New Orleans, Louisiana was filled with Hand Grenades and a Hangover!

While visiting my family in Jackson , Mississippi, I decided to take a day trip to New Orleans which was a 2 hour drive. Soon as I touched down , I stopped by the famous Cafe Du Monde. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, Cafe Du Monde surpringsly wasn't that busy. I ordered a few beignets and a coffee in a souvenir cup. IT WAS SO GOOD! I was happy to scratch this gem off my list.

My Order!

After Cafe Du Mode, I ducked off into one of the many Tropical Isle which is on EVERY STREET....& got some Hand Grenades.

After guzzling those down and getting a little tipsy, I took a cruise on the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen. The 2-3 hour boat ride pretty much takes you down the Mississippi River, showing you various factories, the different Wards, damage from the Hurricane and more.

The next day ,on my way back to Mississippi, I saw a sign for the New Orleans Swamp Tour-Cajun Encounters in Slidell,LA. We took a bayou tour of the famous Honey Island Swamp. Every one boarded the small, flat-bottomed boat and we headed into the swamp. I clearly have a thing for alligators, swamps and Everglades. In the swamp we saw wild hogs, alligators and all kinds of wildlife things. The best part of the tour was when the alligator jumped out the water to eat a piece of meat off a stick. DOPE!!!!!!

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