The Spring of March 2012, a country girl from Shaw, Mississippi decided to overcome her fear of airplanes and the friendly skies. I booked my 1st flight to Miami, Florida to celebrate my 22nd Birthday.

I flew into Ft. Lauderdale Airport and caught a shuttle to South Beach. The shared ride shuttle service was $30 and was the same price on the way back. The van took me straight to my hotle which was South Beach Plaza Hotel. This was an awesome location because I was 2 streets over from the famous Ocean Drive.

The hotel was decent. Wood floors(Yikes). I didnt care i was just excited to explore Ocean Drive. Of course, I headed to Fat Tuesday & grabbed food from Wet Willies and partied at Club Play that night until 3am. One thing about South Beach, it can be 5am, after the club, and people are still up and walking around like its nothing.

The following day, I went on an exscursion to the Florida Everglades. A charter bus took us on the hour drive, deep into the everglades. We pulled up to a littleshack that sold all kinds of alligater meals which I wasnt interested in. We boarded an airboat and had a blast! The tour guide was so funny and informative. The tour also came with a ticket to the crocodile show and i got to hold a baby alligator at the end of the show!

Later this night , I decided to try out a strip club that my friend told me about. No It wasn't The Office. It wasn't KOD. It was Coco's! Deep in the hood of Miami and far from South Beach. This was before I was fancy with my research. If I knew what I knew now, I wouldve stayed on South Beach. CoCo's was slow, dark, scary and lowkey ratchet. I just ordered a few drinks with my comanion and made the best of the night. I quickly finished my Hennessey called a cab.

I spent a lot of time, eating chicken wings and burgers because I wanted to play it safe but I did find one place that hit the spot. BIG PINK's!

The food here was so good and had me so stuffed, all i could do was go to the beach and crash. It's located on Collins Ave as well, but just all the way at the end.

This first trip ignited a travel bug in me and suddenly my love for traveling was in full force.

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